Founders of M1 Music Group

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What is M1 Music Group?

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Founded by Music Industry Veterans with Many Years of Successful Experience and Knowledge, M1’s Labels Provide a Global Platform for Genres

Ranging from Pop/EDM and Country Soul/Pop

To Hip-Hop/R&B and Contemporary Jazz


After years of declining fortunes and disrepair, Detroit – America’s beloved Motor City – is finally, like its football Lions and baseball Tigers, roaring back to life!

While team owners and billionaire entrepreneurs like Mike Illich and Dan Gilbert take care of big business, the Motown music scene is also starting to thrive again. Among those contributing to Detroit’s musical resurgence are Nate Harasim and Sandy McGraw, the two principles behind the recently launched Metro-Detroit based M1 Music Group.

With numerous years of music industry experience, the two innovative musical entrepreneurs are dedicated to discovering, recording and distributing the music of great artists from all over the world via the three dynamic boutique labels under the M1 Umbrella.

Tapping into the fastest growing music genre in the world, Xestacy Records was founded on the concept of sharing the best of pop and Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

4 Horses Records offers modern country music for a new and expanding audience, specializing in country-pop and country-soul, unique and contemporary Nashville meets Memphis sounds with broad appeal to fans of multiple genres and generations.

M-1 Records embodies the contemporary spirit of Detroit’s legendary soul music origins, featuring artists from the worlds of Hip-Hop, R&B, Urban Adult Contemporary, Adult Contemporary and “anything with soul.”

Producer, GRAMMY-Nominee Nate Harasim, an M1 Music Group founder is also a  Soul Train Award winner and nominee, he says, “ Our desire is to play an active role in bringing the music business back to Detroit. We both have strong Detroit roots and want to help lead the musical Renaissance, with an eye towards restoring it to its glory days of the 50’s to the 70s, when ‘The D’ was bigger than New York and L.A. combined. We want to make Detroit the place artists want to be. We’re not limiting ourselves to signing only artists from the region, but there will be special emphasis on that.”

Sandy McGraw, the second founder of M1 Music Group entered the music industry at 16 when he took over the social media promotion for the catalog and legacy of his great grandfather, legendary songwriter Richard Whiting (“Too Marvelous for Words,” “Hooray For Hollywood,” “Ain’t We Got Fun?”, “On the Good Ship Lollipop”). He later spearheaded the 2014 project Timeless: Wendy Moten Sings Richard Whiting, serving as an Executive Producer of the project.

In an age where the music industry is in flux, and the way music is distributed and consumed has changed significantly, M1 Music Group is taking a less traditional approach to its artists and releases. They will have fewer individual full length artist albums, more compilations and more emphasis on a fusion of genres than in styles that fit perfectly in genre boxes. M1 will release compilations of both new and existing material as well as “Ultimate Playlist” CDs with material licensed from outside artists. If a certain single or video explodes for an emerging artist, a full album is always a possibility.

“We are all well versed and experienced in the worlds of traditional music making, marketing and distribution,” says Harasim and McGraw, “but going into 2016, we felt it’s the perfect time to launch a new company by taking a different direction and a unique approach that reflects the modern marketplace. But at the end of the day, M1 Music Group is about the one thing that will never go out of style – great music.”